Thursday, June 15, 2017

Continuing road cycling

Continuing road cycling those days with less efforts than ever. I mean that there is no more exertion headaches and shortness of breath. In the beginning of this year's cycling activity, it was painful. But I was 106 kg. I had to solve that health issue, consulted with my cardiologist and he said : you have to lose weight! My heart tests and exams showed nothing not normal. It was just the damn weight that made me feel like shit and continuously ruined my cycling efforts. I changed the tactic : began with the famous 10000 steps a day! Every day! After the past two months of everyday consistent exercise (even at that low scale) I managed to lose 5 kilos. Have to admit that I cutted the calories intake as much as I can. I forgot about the launch at all. Only fruits, raw fruits as much as I can during the day + a jar of home made yogurt. Raw ship milk only! Bulgarian Lactobacillus bacteria is world wide famous and the flavor can be obtained only here in Bulgaria. It is amazing... Nature!
After that period I did not stopped trying to cycle. And now, I have no more exertion headaches, nor shortness of breath at all. Today even managed to broke my distance record :) . Slowly but steady, begin to improve the results. I remember the time (almost 5 years ago) when I had no problems to make 40 km of vicious mountain lap. Here in Sliven , Bulgaria, the terrain is so tough that only a few can resist it. Yes, I was 5 years younger back then, but also 25 kilos less as a body weight :) . Writing this all first to be able to track my progress and second, to motivate you to do the same. Because over weigh and obese can only ruin our lives. 

Always remember : No pain – No gain. :) Hope you enjoy the screen shots of my daily activity.

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