Wednesday, July 5, 2017

You have to cycle if you really want to lose weight fast!

Last week was really crazy! We experienced 40 degrees heat, and on top of that I got cold! Damn gastro virus that raised my temperature to 39.9! That made me feel crazy and ruined my lose weight plan for the week. Hopefully all passed quickly and no I return to my cycling activities. Today, I broke my last records. Have to admit that I woke up at 5 but needed almost half an hour to motivate my self for the ride. It is not that I have no desire, it is just too hot and It reflects on mood, motivation, etc … However I did it. Stepped on the pedals and made the day ride. Just keep saying my self no pain no game thing.
What I noticed during today’s cycling :
  • I managed to reach my previous distance target with less efforts,
  • I managed to maintain higher speed,
  • Over time it gets easier. Only the few initial attempts are hardest. It gets really easy over time, Just keep cycling!

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope that motivates to start losing weight. I already achieved small goal – lost 6 kilos! So you can too!

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